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The Pitch Cover Story: Art of Conversation

Ayla Rexroth digs into a new art underground with the Subterranean Gallery

By Theresa Bembnister

Smoke and Mirrors Exhibition Opening Reception

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Missed the opening? Make an appointment to view the exhibition by emailing us at subterraneangallery@gmail.com.

Subterranean Gallery Proudly Presents

New Work By Amanda Martinez

Exhibition Opening: Friday, May 4th from 7 – 11 pm

 Artist Talk: Friday, May 11th 8 – 9 pm

Kansas City, MO (April 2012) Friday, May 4thSubterranean Gallery will host a public reception from 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. showcasing new work by artist Amanda Martinez. The exhibition will feature sculptural pieces and an installation by Martinez. Guests may rejoin us, at the gallery, Friday, May 11thfrom 8 -9 pm for an artist talk directly following the closing reception of the BFA exhibition at the H&R Block Artspace. The exhibition will be on view by appointment May 5th – 31st. Please email subterraneangallery@gmail.com to schedule your visit.

Smoke and Mirrors refers to the use of gimmicks one often associates with the formal theater or even a simple magic act. Martinez writes, “There is something comically tawdry or cheap about the phrase itself by way of this association that I enjoy. I think this title will help to settle viewers into not just the tone of the show but the attitude by which I approach and make my work.” Continue reading

Underground Resistance: Subterranean Gallery

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by Patricia Maloney of art practical

How To Do Something, All Alone, By Yourself Exhibition: Work

By Paul Shortt and Robert Heishman

November 4th 2011 – Dec 2nd 2011

How To Do Something, All Alone, By Yourself brings us to a place where we can see the moments that shape human identity. Heishman’s videos and photographs aim to embody the crisis of individuality. He shows us his attempt to form a relationship and compare himself to his soap opera namesake Chase Gioberti. Shortt’s videos and sculptures remind us of how foreign it is to fully adopt society’s rules. His work presents opportunities for spectators to feel their personal agency limited, while at the same time pointing to an emancipation.

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LOT I8 Opening Reception

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Landescapes write up by Pine Cone Gentleman

Article “Hello,” – Kansas City. The Pine Cone Gentleman