The Pitch: Exit Interview with Ayla Rexroth


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Photo by Brooke Vandever

Subterranean Announces New Director

Residential galleries and alternative spaces have a tendency to fizzle out quickly, sometimes only lasting one day. After three years of running Subterranean, I saw no reason to close it when I decided to move to New York City. I was lucky to have the obvious choice for a new director working in the gallery right next to me.  I’ve appointed my friend and long time gallery assistant Melaney Mitchell to the position of Director. She moved into the gallery August 1st. and is overflowing with ideas for the space.   I learned and was given so much from the KC arts community and I’m riding the NYC subway right now thinking about all of you.


Kansas City Creative Couple: Rexroth & Skidmore

KCUR: KC Currents Interview with Ayla Rexroth and Clayton Skidmore of Subterranean Gallery   By  AND 


Subterranean Celebrates Third Anniversary!

With 8 custom exhibitions and 19 public events under our belt we are thrilled to move forward with this community! Thank you Kansas City artists and cultural workers for three wonderful years of support, hard work, and pure fun! Subterranean turns 3 today!



Studio Visit With Paul Anthony Smith

By Ayla Rexroth

Paul Anthony Smith is Jamaican American, his attitude is positive, he is opinionated and his works employ traditional genre scenes. His media ranges from ceramics, paintings, drawings, collages and photography, and this gives him a wide range of visual and material strategies for communicating his ideas about cultural tradition, world politics, and race.

I was excited to meet with Paul because his work challenges me to think outside of my own cultural perspectives and I can read it on several levels. Growing up in Iowa, my hometown happened to have an amazing collection of Haitian genre paintings, and they were my favorite because they were out of place in a museum where most of the exhibits were either by regionalist painter Grant Wood or about corn production. I can easily connect much of Paul’s imagery to the Caribbean paintings I love, but there are several differences. Paul is making art in historically regionalist Kansas City, and he’s working with contemporary themes, events, and methods.

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The Pitch Cover Story: Art of Conversation

Ayla Rexroth digs into a new art underground with the Subterranean Gallery

By Theresa Bembnister

Curatorial Studies Exhibition Opening Reception

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We had so much fun at the opening! The work looked awesome and we had a record # of new visitors. Special thanks to Clayton, Melaney, Paul, Molly, Garry, David, Tiffany, Amanda, Robert B, Robert H, Emily H, Jaclyn, Matt, Cory and Plug, Bread KC, and all our guests!

Commentary on Curatorial studies

Read the first review of the Curatorial Studies Exhibition by Blair Schulman on Cupcakes in Regalia

See you tonight at the opening! 7 – 11pm.    4124 Warwick Blvd. Apt. B!

Studio Visit with Jaclyn Senne

Visiting Jaclyn Senne’s studio reminded me of the essential questions for painters… “What should I paint?” “How do I create a studio momentum that allows me to produce a lot of work and continuously experiment?” What do I do when that momentum is broken?!What I am so excited about in Jaclyn’s work is that it she is in control of her subject matter, painting technique and color. The one thing that doesn’t follow the same command of her perfectly taped off lines is the overall composition. In her piece Backyard/beach course vacation-planked location with strand-lit courts and towels and iced coolers Senne creates a loose sketch of the images architectural structure. She then plays a strategy game of fitting together pieces and objects that don’t work together until they are just believable enough. In thinking about this, her work becomes so reflective of life. Fake it till you make it.

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Curatorial Studies

Exhibition Opening Reception

Friday, November 2nd from 7 – 11 pm

Open By Appointment: November 3 – 30th 

Friday, November 2nd Subterranean Gallery will host a public reception from 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. showcasing work by artists: Robert Josiah Bingaman, David Ford, Amanda Gehin, Molly Kaderka, Garry Noland, Jaclyn Senne, and Paul Anthony Smith. The exhibition will feature drawings, paintings, collages, and sculpture. Curatorial Studies is viewable by appointment November 3rd – 30th. The gallery is located at 4124 Warwick Boulevard, Apartment B, Kansas City, Missouri.


     Curatorial Studies is Subterranean Gallery’s first-ever group exhibition. Bringing together seven diverse Kansas City-based artists, Director Ayla Rexroth facilitates a conversation about her curatorial practice within an apartment gallery space. The exhibition stems from a stream of studio visits conducted over the past couple months where Rexroth, and the Subterranean Gallery staff exchanged with artists, encountering a range of ideas, methodologies, and media. For more information about Curatorial Studies check out articles and photo compilations of the studio visits at <>.

          Photos by Clayton Skidmore