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Barred Meadows Work!

by Rachel Gregor 


First Move as New Director: A Grant!

Hello Subterranean Followers! My first move as New Director is applying for the DISCRIT // 89 PLUS Rebaudengo Serpentine Grant 2013. The prize is a little over $20,000 and would help me make a lot of things possible.

There are two grants being awarded, one by a jury and the other by popular vote. I would use this grant to help keep SUB running, completely revamp our web presence, and make it so that the artists I collaborate with can use the funding to make outstanding exhibitions.

$20,000 is quite a lot of money, so I plan for it to get used in other places. You may or may not know, while taking over Subterranean I am also working on a blog for the Kansas City art scene called Informality. I would like to make a blog similar to Bad at Sports and Hyperallergic to showcase the work and dialogue of Kansas City’s artists, writers, and thinkers. I want be able to PAY all contributors and editors for the work they do. I want to make sure we value the time and effort of contributors as it is going to expand the reach of our community.

Right now, I absolutely cannot afford to make these two projects happen on my own.

I want to be able to put as much work as humanly possible into this blog and the programming efforts I am going to make at Subterranean Gallery this coming year.


Its a pretty easy process, simply follow this link:

Click “Login to vote for this artist” and create a “save and fave profile” once you have registered, paste the link again in the address bar and click “vote for this artist”

Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to continue working closely with this fantastic community.


Subterranean Announces New Director

Residential galleries and alternative spaces have a tendency to fizzle out quickly, sometimes only lasting one day. After three years of running Subterranean, I saw no reason to close it when I decided to move to New York City. I was lucky to have the obvious choice for a new director working in the gallery right next to me.  I’ve appointed my friend and long time gallery assistant Melaney Mitchell to the position of Director. She moved into the gallery August 1st. and is overflowing with ideas for the space.   I learned and was given so much from the KC arts community and I’m riding the NYC subway right now thinking about all of you.


Subterranean Celebrates Third Anniversary!

With 8 custom exhibitions and 19 public events under our belt we are thrilled to move forward with this community! Thank you Kansas City artists and cultural workers for three wonderful years of support, hard work, and pure fun! Subterranean turns 3 today!



Happy 2nd Birthday Subterranean Gallery!

Two years ago today Subterranean Gallery opened its doors for its Inaugural exhibition: It’s All Relative: New Photographs By Emily Henson.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Hot Tub Dialogues, But Were Too Afraid to Ask. {Digest}

Posted on October 31, 2011


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Curatorial Panel at KCAI Professional Practice Seminar

KCAI Professional Practice 

Left: Sean Kelly, Ayla Rexroth, and Andrew Lyles at KCAI


Something New

I live in a basement and I have been working for two years to make it livable and a continuously better place to show artwork. I had a wondrous moment today when I was (what I thought was temporarily) moving the living room into the gallery space in order to do some work on the living room ceiling. Clayton (my BF) and I were looking around the big empty room and he said “This should be the gallery!” What a great idea.

My apartment is shaped like a horseshoe and the entrance is at the bottom of the U. So I thought about the composition of my place as a half house half gallery. When I walked into my apartment I saw two paths, one lead to a modern white cube and one led to a 1950′s pink kitchen. This was meaningful for me because I wanted to mash formal art exhibitions into a domestic setting, but it didn’t allow me to interact with the artwork as much as I would have liked because the gallery was off to the side. With this new format, the gallery will be right inside the entrance and I will have to walk through it probably forty times a day. I love having art in my way.

Best of all the gallery space will be almost twice as big.

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Subterranean Gallery Receives Grant From Bread KC!

BREAD! at SBG 3/20/11.

The Subterranean Gallery pitched three ideas for shows, programs and events to take place over the next year. Ayla Rexroth who runs the underground apartment gallery talked about her new programing and public critic series called One Night Stands. In which select artists, friends and guest critics will have a one night exhibition/critic session with a sleep over and breakfast !  Clayton Skidmore is currently curating and exploring the history of GIF animations across the interwebs in which will accumulate into a show at SUB-Gallery. Carmen Moreno plans to have a fully functional science lab in the SUB-Gallery for a exhibition within the year.

The Bread Winner was Ayla’s One Night Stand Programing! $150 BREAD Grant was generated